About 100 Ways

It takes a village! We believe the whole community has a role to play in helping young people discover their passions and realise their career dreams.

However, some young people feel disengaged from school and disconnected from their community. We can change this by helping young people find their passions, build confidence and get ‘work ready’.

All young people need industry exposure, experience, mentoring and career development opportunities. That means parents, schools, businesses and the community all working together to give young people a great start.

What can you do? There are at least 100 different ways to help young people prepare for the future including:

  • Offer a Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) placement for a student undertaking a VET subject (Vocational Education & Training) at a local secondary school;
  • Offer a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT);
  • Employ a young person;
  • Host a workplace tour;
  • Mentor a young person; and
  • Share your career story at a local school.

The outcomes for young people are everyone’s business.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Contact us now to find out how you and your organisation can make a difference. Or get started by registering your interest here. It’s quick and easy to do and confidential too.

Young people today will face the biggest change to work in our time

Over the next 10 years 40% of jobs will be automated by technology (up to 60% in regional areas)

65% of today’s preschoolers will work in jobs that do not currently exist

60% of young people are studying in fields where two thirds of the jobs will be automated

70% of entry-level jobs are likely to be automated

13% Unemployment
30% Underemployment

The current youth unemployment rate in Australia is 13%. 30% of young Australians want more employment but cannot find it. Regional Victoria often experiences youth unemployment rates much higher than metropolitan Melbourne

What can you do?

We are calling on all businesses and community leaders in the Central Ranges region to support our young people by making a pledge.

Together, we can find 100 ways to help young people prepare for their future by successfully transitioning from school to further education, training and employment.

Make your pledge today!

We have identified five easy ways that you can help young people prepare for their future

Complete our online form and make a pledge or contact our office on 0417 344 455

We’ve worked with schools and youth organisations to identify local ways that you can help young people. Please contact our office on 0417 344 455 to find out more.